CNC cutting

• cutting
• cutting elements with unorthodox shapes
• drilling
• engraving
• cutting panels for electronics
• decors

• letters from XPS (or similar materials) – convenient and cheap material for interior letters
• acrylic products:
– boxes
– jewelry and electronics display
– advertising displays
– buiness card holders
– holders for brochures, flyers and other materials
– holders for price tags
• advertising materials:
– keychains
– souvenirs
– gift boxes
– clocks

cnc цпу координатно рязане

We have modern equipement for precision cutting and engraving of different materials - Plywood, aluminium, foamed and other types of PVCs, acrylics, foam boards, etalbond, MDF, wood, compressed wood, polypropylene, brass and other materials. The cutting method is fast, precise and economical.

Laser Cutting

Material Pass depth Price per pass
Acrylic up to 3mm. 1.50 BGN/m.
up to 4mm. 2.00 BGN/m.
up to 6mm. 5.50 BGN/m.
up to 10mm. 8.00 BGN/m.
Paper/ Cork 1.50 BGN/m.
Engarving 40 BGN/hr or 0.07 BGN/
0.1 mm.
Minimum symbol size 1х1 mm.
Working field 130х70 cm.
File Format AI, PLT, CDR, DXF

CNC Milling

Material Pass thickness Цена за 1 пас
PVC up to 6mm. 1.40 BGN/m.
Acrylic up to 4mm. 2.40 BGN/m.
Etalbond (aluminium composite panel) up to 5mm. 2.40 BGN/m.
Aluminium up to 3mm. 3.00 BGN/m.
Preparation 15 BGN.
0.1 mm.
Precision on repeated pass 0.2 mm.
Work Field 130х250 cm.
Materials PVC, Acrylic, Etalbond, PVC and plastics, Wood, Aluminium and others.

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