Exterior Advertising

Nova Reklama offers manufacturing of exterior advertising products - signs(illuminated and unilluminated), Build Up letters, banner frames, office and information signage, banners, billboards, totems, roofing structures, windows branding.

The base design hold an important role as well as build quality. We used proven materials that are durable to weather conditions. The veriety of materials and build possibilities allows some flexibility in the end price.

Advantages of exterior advertising:

  • Always attracts attention and doesnt go unnoticed
  • Remarkable
  • You are advertising to a large and diverse audience
  • Symbol for a stable business and financial strength
  • Long Term
  • Builds image and reputation
  • Guarantees results
  • Fast feedback
  • Inclines your clients to search ans request your product or service
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Build-Up letters

Illuminated signage

Unilluminated signage

Direction signage

Information signage

Windows Branding

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