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Interior Build Up Display

The advertising display is made from clear acryllic and lightweight foamed PVC. Painted with black "Extra Matte" paint installed with spacers to give additional volume.

Backlit Aluminium Display

PET film backlit from LED illuminated frame made from snap profile with easly changeable image.

LED lit Build-Up Display

Advertising display made from foamed PVC painted with "Extra Matte" paint. The Build-Up letters are backlit throwing a "shadow" from a light source.

LED illuminated Display

Made from combination of materials - 10mm white acryllic, 18mm foamed PVC and a base from painted black wood.

Letters on Powder Coated Aluminium

Interior sign made from 18mm foamed PVC, attached to black matte powder coated aluminium profile for additional volume creating a beautiful 3D effect

LED Illuminated Boxset

An arched boxset made from wood and metal with thin backlit acryllic.